FEBS Article in Press !! Congratulations !!

Congratulations to the team of Drs. Szczesna-Cordary and kawai for having their recent article, “Cardiac contractility, motor function, and cross-bridge kinetics in N47K-RLC mutant mice” published in The FEBS Journal.

The article explores alterations in myosin motor function and kinetics of elementary steps of a myosin cross-bridge cycle as a result of a mutation in regulatory light chain (RLC), N47K, associated with mid-ventricular hypertrophy (MVH) phenotype.  The study shows that N47K may enhance the ATP/ADP binding and the ability of myosin to produce force, thereby leading to hypertrophy and a late onset of the disease manifested by decompensated inotropic function of the heart.

Full article can be accessed at: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/febs.14096/full